bye Qnap, welcome RaspberryPi

 Jan, 31 - 2015   3 comments   Smarthome

I just migrated my OpenHab / EbusD setup from the qnap to a raspberry pi.

Now, why did I do that?

I had a of issues running the EbusD on the Qnap. After running firmware updates, the USB driver had changed and EbusD refused to read data from the Ebus. It was also nearly impossible to compile the new version of EbusD on the Qnap, due to the lack of libs and a proper package management.

Well I have to admit: The Qnap is not designed to compile and develop custom software on it. Therefore I bought a raspberry pi and migrated OpenHab to it. Since then I’m running the new version of EbusD and I’m getting even more data out of the Ebus.

OpenHab and EbusD

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 Comments 3 comments

  • Avatar John sagt:

    Hey there,

    just found your blog about QNAP and ebusd and I was wondering if the new version still runs on it.

    Since you’ve switched to RPi, I guess this no longer interesting for you, right? 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve pushed ebusd a lot forward in the last months, starting with yuhu-’s repository. If you’re interested, you can find mine here:

    Cheers, John

  • dhelleberg dhelleberg sagt:

    Hi John,

    thanks for asking, I have given up to compile the new version on the qnap, that was one reason why I moved to the RasPi.
    Besides that I had issues with the USB-driver of the qnap and how it changed over different firmware updates. Therefore I decided to de-couple my NAS from my OpenHAB / ebus experiments 😉
    On the Raspi it works like a charm!
    The biggest issue is still to figure out the proprietary ebus-commands.

  • Avatar John sagt:

    Sure, that’s the biggest problem with ebus installations…

    You might want to send me the result of a full scan on your environment, then I can check if the famous .mdb file from a popular vendor produces better configuration files for you (see also ebusd-configuration).



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