IntelliJ / Android Studio Keybindings (german keyboard)

 Mrz, 19 - 2014   Development

I’m using Android Studio quite a while and I’m switching from eclipse to IntelliJ more and more.

However, the more I work with those IDEs, the more I use Hotkeys. And I found it really annoying that some of the default hotkeys, like the run or debug popup (CTRL+ALT + r / CTRL+ALT + d) don’t work on my Mac. The reason is my german keyboard, which has special characters mapped to those bindings.

Fortunately there is a nice tool called Ukelele which creates keylayout files for OSX. I loaded an existing file and removed the keybindings I need for IntelliJ.Ukelele Keymap

Once you save the file to ~/Libraries/Keyboard Layouts/ you can select it from the system settings and from the drop down of the menu bar:

select keyboard layout


Et voila:

android studio

Case closed.


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