Update MX-12 to 2.4 GHz

 Aug, 28 - 2016   R/C

I recently found my old Shockflyer RC-plane and decided to get it back in duty. Unfortunately the receiver seems to be broken and I had to get a new one. But the model was still using the analog 35 MHz technology and I don’t want to invest in this anymore. Should I buy a new transmitter? […]

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The machines have taken over!

 Mrz, 05 - 2015   miscSmarthome

Well. At least the first heating circuit in my house. It is now controlled via homematic. And because I have an in-floor heating system, it wasn’t that simple. Here’s how it works: I’m running a homematic thermostat and a simple actor. Using the CCU I coupled the actor directly to the thermostat. I also programmed […]

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I just migrated my OpenHab / EbusD setup from the qnap to a raspberry pi. Now, why did I do that? I had a of issues running the EbusD on the Qnap. After running firmware updates, the USB driver had changed and EbusD refused to read data from the Ebus. It was also nearly impossible […]

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openHAB <-> ebusd

 Mai, 13 - 2014   miscSmarthome

Yes! I finally got my desired setup working. I think this called a functional prototype now. So here’s what I got so far: openHAB is running on my QNAP. I needed java and I decided to get the Java 8 Embedded Edition. I downloaded the ARMv5 Linux Headless Edition. Since Java 8, you need to […]

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Reading the ebus…

 Apr, 22 - 2014   Smarthome

As mentioned before I want to connect my qnap with my Vaillant Calormatic heating system. I’m using this device in order to read the ebus traffic via USB. I had to get a new cable from my basement office to the heating room, which was more complicated than I expected (I guess that is always true when […]

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compile ebusd on qnap

 Feb, 09 - 2014   DevelopmentSmarthome

I always wanted to get a deeper insight into the heating system of our house. And today I did a few steps forward. Our heating system supports ebus which is a serial bus protocol. And here’s my plan: 1. Get an ebus to USB-converter. 2. Read the ebus-data on my qnap. 3. Graph it. Today […]

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Intro This is the 3rd part of our series about significant changes inside the latest Android version (4.4). If you have checked out part 1 and part 2 from Matthias about the new ART runtime, you might want to play with it a bit. We’ll cover some of the implications in this article. Make the […]

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Neues Jahr, neues Blog

 Jan, 05 - 2014   misc

2014. Und ich wollte schon ewig mal mein altes Blog einmotten und durch ein neues ablösen. Dem reclaim, anti-cloud, mein-content-gehört-mir Trend folgend sollte das dann auch nicht bei blogspot, tumbler und co. sein, sondern eben hier. There you go, here we are, mit guten Vorsätzen wieder mehr zu schreiben und einem motivierten Start ins neue […]

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